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Company Formation

The Helpline Group is the most preferred agency for Company formation & a wide range of other corporate services in Oman for more than two decades now.

Attestation of your certificates

We are the pioneers in providing attestation services for your diversified personal, professional and company documents across Asia, Europe & USA.

Translation of Legal & other important documents

A team of professional translators offer you precise, reliable and timely translation services in many languages for your legal and other documents.

Good Standing Certificate for Nurses

The certified nurses are highly on demand in Oman. The Helpline Group offers Good Conduct Certificate Services custom designed as per the requirements of the nurses.

Embassy Services

We offer Embassy Services in Oman for different countries across the world. We specialize in Embassy Services for India and the Middle East Region.

Renewal of Nursing Registration

The Helpline Group offers renewal of your Nursing Registration in Oman in a professional and hassle-free manner.

Visa Services

We serve as your strategic partner in acquiring Visa from the Middle East Region and several other selected countries around the world.

PRO Services

A wide range of PRO Services in Oman is offered through the effective network of native and experienced Public Relation Officers.

Data Flow Verification Services

The Helpline Group takes care of your document verification in the data flow verification program reliably.

Apostile Services

The Helpline Group has emerged as the part of an international platform availing Apostille Services in many countries across the world.

Character Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate Services are processed for hassle-free immigration, across the globe.

Notary Attestation

Notarization for your documents is done reliably and professionally.


Global Business, for the clientele across the globe

Through the global presence for more than two decades now, the Helpline Group has successfully achieved and earned the undoubted reputation among our clients from across the globe. Our ultimate motto is to satisfy our clients through internationally integrated services. The wide range of globally acclaimed services include PRO Services, Company Formation Services, Good Conduct certificate Services, and Visa Services as well. We possess an effective network of professional teams that have developed strong ties with the concerned authorities across various countries such as the Middle East Region, Canada, USA, Europe & India.

We are enhancing our service portfolio by adding various services from time to time, to expand our impressive presence across the globe. Helpline Group takes pride in partnering you for the wide range of individual and corporate service requirements.

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Serving the esteemed clients globally for over 25 years

Helpline Group is a pioneer in resolving the individual and corporate clients across the globe since its establishment in 1990. The list of our satisfied expatriate and corporate clients from across the world is growing, because the quality of service we offer, the utmost professionalism we showcase and our firm commitment for our clients.

Throughout these years, we have successfully managed and delivered strategic solutions to our business partners and supreme levels of satisfaction to our customers through our services that focus on quality and speed. Helpline Groups gets better as it ages, and has now become a prominent service provider in all operating areas.

Helpline Group is growing continuously through the impressive presence across various international locations and adding to the list of services offered to the expatriates and corporate clients. We are enthusiastically offering strategic solutions to our corporate clients and also resolve the cross-border documentation issues of our expatriate clients. The Helpline Group has been the trusted agency for a wide range of services and is committed for excellence in every area of operation.

Worldwide presence

We have our offices and representatives stationed at various international locations including the Gulf Region, India, Europe, USA & Canada. Thus, we can conveniently coordinate for a wide range of services and are committed to accomplishing your requirements well within the specified timeline.

Most valuable expert advice and support

Helpline Group pours all the extensive experience and expertise in the area of operation for almost every task. You can avail valuable expert advice from our team and our recommendations prove very helpful for various purposes.

The best quality services

Over the years, we have successfully developed a fool-proof system for various tasks including certificate attestation, company formation and various services related to the Foreign Affairs Department across various countries. So, we proudly deliver the best in class services, reliably, precisely and for the satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Reliable Business Allies

We have an effective network of PROs, partners and service providers across various locations. Thus, you can experience great peace of mind when you assign you certificate attestation, good conduct certificate service or any other task to us.