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Company Formation Services in Qatar

Let us understand the effective methods to form a business in Qatar, diversified types of legal structures of companies in Qatar, and the requirements to set up a company in Qatar:

  • We assist the corporate clients to register the Company in Qatar
  • We would find the Suitable Sponsor or Partner for your company in Qatar
  • Our team can conveniently accomplish the process of acquiring necessary licenses and approvals from different Government Departments.

Let us reveal the easy process to register your business in Qatar and the list of our reliable company formation services in Qatar.

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Qatar is among the most preferred country for the foreign investors in various sectors other than oil and gas industry due to the encouragement and perks through the government. The investors and entrepreneurs planning of Start a Business in Qatar need assistance of the recognized agency to complete the process as per the regulations.

We have developed an effective strategy to let you start the business operations in Qatar. The diversified factors such as the policies of the government, financial and banking sector, political and social stability and great growth prospects would be encouraging to the investors and business enterprises. The government has initiated the attempts to develop other sectors than the oil and gas exploration, extraction and exports and as the economy has begun to expand in a multi-dimensional manner, this is the right time to expand your business investing in Qatar.

Company Formation Steps in Qatar

Finding A Partner

 It is essential to look out for the suitable partner or sponsor for a business in Qatar and we effectively utilizes network of professionals and clients to select the partner or sponsor for the companies.

Business Set-Up

For setting up a company, the most crucial step is to decide the legal structure of the company. The most appropriate legal framework as per the business goals of the clients and the regional regulations regarding the ownership, business activities, and taxation have to decided.

License Registration

For hassle free and timely completion of company registration in Qatar, the clients can rely on the native and experienced Public Relation Officers that fill in the applications precisely, represent the clients in the government departments to get the approvals, tax registrations and licenses commence the business operations in Qatar.

Virtual, Flexi & Smart Office

In the modern digital era, the techno-savvy entrepreneurs can set-up their smart or virtual offices registering the modes of communication such as a mobile, email, Skype and other modes to get connected and operate through any place in the region where the business is registered.

Trade License & Chamber of Commerce

The important phase in company formation in Qatar would be acquiring the Trade License that has a set of formalities to be accomplished in a stipulated time frame through the Ministry of Economy & Commerce. Similarly, affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce needs to be made to begin the trading and other business activities in Qatar.

Legal Structures of the Company

In Qatar, the applications for company registration are scrutinized to let the investors start their ventures in various forms. There are different legal structures with specified regulations such as:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Foreign Company Branches
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Representative Trade Offices
  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Holding Company
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Joint Venture
Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This is the most common form of a company in Qatar incorporated through a Qatari national partner or sponsor individual or a wholly owned Qatari company as well. The Qatari entity needs to own 51% or ownership share as a matter of policy.

Foreign Company Branches

The foreign companies need to enter into a contract with the Minister of Business & Trade for ‘performance of public service or utility’. This would enable the foreign investor to get the exemption from the Ministry and would be allowed to engage in different commercial activities. These types of companies don’t require a local sponsor; however, they would be liable for the subsequent taxation till they get the grant for special exemption.

Commercial Agencies

The foreign companies can register their company in this form, and their agent or exclusive seller acts as the service provider for the foreign principal.

Representative Offices

The foreign companies can register a company in this form and operate in Qatar without a local partner. They can get commercial registration and serve for promotion and marketing of the products and services of the foreign principal.

General Partnership Company

Two or more individuals can enter into an agreement to form this type of company to operate commercial activities in Qatar.

Limited Share Partnership Company

One or more joint partner and at least four trustee shareholding partners, with a minimum capital investment of QR 1,000,000; can come together to form this type of company in Qatar.

Holding Company

With a minimum capital investment of QR 10 million, this type of company can be formed to management and financial control over the other companies with at least 51% share in the ownership.

Public Shareholding Company

This type of company is also known as the Qatari Holding Company or Joint Stock Company and act as an open or closed public shareholding company.

company in Qatar in which an agent acts as the exclusive provider of services of a foreign principal or the exclusive seller of foreign-produced goods in Qatar.

Joint Venture

Two or more individuals can come together for a project in Qatar forming a Joint Venture. This is considered as an incorporated entity, but doesn’t possess a legal personality.

The process of company formation through filling up and submitting applications, rendering the incorporation fees, acquiring approvals and licenses and so on; would be simplified as the tedious task would be assigned to the Helpline Group.

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