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Certificate Attestation Services in Oman

Certificate Attestation is a very important process. There are different processes and methods related to certificate attestation in Oman. Let’s discuss some methods and processes related to certificate attestation services in Oman.

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Apostille Required Since Oman is a Part of Hague Convention

Oman, is among those 92 countries that falls under the Hague Convention, hence, for certificate attestation in Oman Apostille is required. If you are wondering that what actually is an Apostille then you should know that it is a seal that legalize every document in a particular format. Ministry of the External Affairs is the nodal ministry of the Apostille documents.

Documents Required for the Certification Process

Educational documents which are required are:

  • If you want degree certificate attestation from Oman, it is necessary that you obtain attestation from Human Resource Department
  • MEA stamp is required for attestation from Ministry of External Affairs

Non-Educational documents:

  • Marriage, birth and experience certificate and it needs Notary Attestation firstly
  • It is required from Sub Divisional Magistrates’ office(SDM)
  • MEA Apostille stamp is required only on certificates bearing notary and SDM attestation or Home Department Attestation

Bahrain Certificate Attestation Services

Educational Certificates:

  • A UG and PG course certificate Attestation
  • Diploma and PG Course Certificate Attestation
  • Engineering and medical course Certificate Attestation
  • Management and Hotel Management course Certificate attestation
  • Law, Technical and professional course certificate attestation

Non-Educational Certificates

  • Foreign Affairs Attestation and Salary/Transfer Certificate Attestation
  • Equivalency Certificate
  • Death/Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Experience /Employment Certificate Attestation and Assistance for business and Tourist Visa
  • Marriage/Single Status and Divorce Certificate attestation
  • Ministry of education department Attestation
  • Ministry of Health Department and Ministry of Justice attestation
  • Chamber of commerce attestation
  • Labour Department Attestation

You should be sure of the fact that your certificates and documents reach you on time after you have gone through all the above-mentioned procedures. If you think that you alone cannot handle everything then you should hire some service providers who will carry out the task on your behalf.

Why hire service providers for the Oman Certificate Legalization?

  • A number of documents are required for the Certificate Attestation for Oman. Service providers will always serve you with the utmost devotion.
  • You will get reliable, top class and hassle-free service which is incomparable to competitive services available in market
  • You will get certificates attested as per regulations in Oman
  • Documentation for certificate attestation are done very easily by us
  • Reliable attestation service standards and professional high-quality services are provided
  • There is global partner network and associate office network to get your certificates attested.

Attestation procedure differs from document to document. Educational and Non-Educational documents are treated differently in Oman attestation procedure. This at times becomes a great hassle to handle, hence, the best thing one could do here is hire the best and the experienced service providers in the market. Someone, like us.

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