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PAN Card Services from Middle East

Are you worried about your PAN Card? With our assistance you can apply for PAN card from the Middle East.

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For getting a PAN Card from Middle East countries and for the procedure you need to look at the following things.

PAN card is Permanent Account Number of the citizen which is registered and it is considered as a necessary document for handling the text purposes and for filing the IT return. The PAN card is issued by the Income Tax Department which is one of the important documents nowadays.

The PAN Card is having lot of benefits to its credit. It helps the individuals and entities for filing their IT returns.  PAN card is also required to open a new bank account; even it is in public, private or co-operative sector. PAN card is also accepted as a valid proof of your identity as a native in that country.

Why one should have PAN card?

As a citizen of that country PAN card is the proof which serves as your identity proof and it is majorly required to fill the IT returns. If you are in need for PAN card services from Middle East, we are the best option for you. The procedure to open new PAN card requires the following documents:-

If you are already having a PAN Card and you just need minor correction in your PAN card then the list of documents required are-

  • Annexure A form download and attested by municipal Councillor, Gazetted officer, MLA, MP and attached their job ID card. (Photo should be attested, with sign and seal) 4 and 5 column expands all details.
  • CSF form (Heading : Request for new PAN card or change or correction in PAN data)
  • Passport copy
  • Aadhar card copy
  • ID Copy of residing country
  • 3 months bank statement in residential address
  • 3 Passport size photos
  • Contact Number and Email ID

If you want a PAN card from India in the Middle East countries, you need to have the following documents-

  • PAN card application form (49A)
  • Bank statement in residential address in residing place within 3 months
  • Photo
  • ID Copy of residing country
  • Passport copy
  • Contact Number and Email ID

If you are already a native of India and are going to apply for the PAN card for the very first time, the list of required documents are-

  • PAN Card application form (49A)
  • Aadhar card copy and Passport copy ( Name should be same in both id proof)
  • Photo
  • Contact number in India & Email ID
  • PAN card delivery address in India

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