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Certificate attestation for Australia,

Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world. Apart from being the sixth largest country in the world, land area wise, it is also, a wealthy country. It is well known for its natural attractions surrounding the Indian and the Pacific Oceans.

The Attestation of Certificates by Australia is validated and recognized by the Hague convention. The procedure plays a role in enhancing international communication between both countries. The Australian Embassy Attestation for immigrants allows them to procure a legalized government seal or stamp on the document. This allows the immigrant to be eligible to attain their needs and wants.

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The various certificates granted and attested due to various purposes

  1. The certificates which are granted by the schools, colleges, and universities of Australia are included in the list educational certificates like degree certificates, diploma certificates, SSLC certificates, etc.
  2. Personal or individual certificates which are issued by the government are included under Non-Educational certificates. Birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, etc are few of the Non-educational certificates issued by the Australian Government.
  3. Certificates which find their use in commercial and financial purpose is known are Commercial Certificates. Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Trade License, etc is a few of the commercial certificates.

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Educational Documents

  • School Certificate
  • Higher School Certificates
  • National Curriculum
  • Australian Certificate of Education
  • Tasmanian Certificate of Education
  • South Australian Certificate of Education
  • Northern Territory Certificate of Education

Non-Educational Certificates

  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Divorce Certificates
  • Legal Higher Ship
  • Power of Attorney
  • Medical Certificates
  • Transcript
  • Bona–Fide
  • Document of Export and Import
  • Company Invoice & Memorandum Articles

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