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Notary Attestation Service

Oman is situated in the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia and is also called the Sultanate of Oman. Oil and Gas sector in Oman forms one of the major sectors in its economy covering several activities starting from manufacturing to fisheries and many others. Oman is an friendly and generally safe country and to visit this place you need some attestation  as well as some  formalities are to be done so to get an entry to it and one such document that you should have with you is the Notary Attestation Oman. Notary Services is a service given to public by public officer whose main functions are to execute the different deeds within his competence attest to the validity of signatures.

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Some important facts about Notary Attestation

The Attestation is one of the entities to serve citizens wishing to attest some documents that are issued by the court, Notary Public Departments and other Ministry of Justice entities to use them outside the Sultanate. Some of the documents, which the office attest are:

  • Authentication of signatures and seals on judgment issued by courts, documents issued by Notary Public Department such as:
  1.  Marriage Certificate
  2.  Divorce Certificates
  3.  Agency Contracts
  4.  Other testimonies
  5.  To Whom May It Concern Certificate
  6.  Shari Notification
  7.  Widowhood proof document
  8.  And other document issued by the concerned Ministry of Justice Authorities

The Omanis, the resident and the business sector people, can request for these Notary services in Oman.

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Things that you should know

  1.  According to Article 2 of Ministerial Decision number (20/2000) stipulated that the office of attestation should be in charge of attesting the authenticity of signatures and seals on documents issued by the courts and Notary Public Department and the other departments of the Ministry, the attestation will only be on original documents.
  2.  List of all forms /Application that need to complete to apply for the services. No forms to be filled. However, the document holder or representative should present directly to the concerned employee who is carrying out the required procedures.
  3.  The office does not require any document or paper to complete the request. However, in case of attesting for marriage certificate from outside the Gulf cooperation Council (GCC) countries for the Omanis, the office need a scanned copy of the permit or the approval issued by the Ministry of Interior. There is no conditions, the office will receive the document from the holder and will return them on the same

Certified True Copy Notary means to bring a notary original document, along with its photo copy and a valid ID proof such as your passport or driving license, to follow one option the notary should certify the copy of a document and it should be done with the written words “TRUE COPY” on it and by putting the signature, stamp and the seal. Doing it on the copy itself, is more preferable.

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