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Bahrain Good Standing Certificate

An island country of Asia, Bahrain is the capital city of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The city is small yet economically developed. Bahrain is embedded within the oil countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Its size makes Bahrain the third smallest country of Asia after Maldives and Singapore.

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How to grab the PCC from Bahrain

The Police Clearance Certificate for Bahrain can be obtained from the ‘General Directorate of Criminal Investigation’. The intervening authority is important for the correct implementation of the certificate.

Why PCC is so important for you?

This Clearance Certificate ensures the country about the applicant or the citizen who is willing to move in to Bahrain. Further the certificate guarantees that the applicant is totally devoid of any criminal record or background. The person is eligible for a stay in the country of his or her choice. Headquarter of Bahrain Clearance certificate, completes the whole process. This certificate eases the stay of a person at a particular country. The visa and passport agreement and allowances also get a smooth path after the pursuant obtain the said certificate. The purpose of stay at Bahrain has to be clearly mentioned in the form.

The documents that you should keep carefully for the PCC

Several documents are required for the perfect completion of the certificate. The documents are:

  • Photocopy of all the pages of both old and new passport
  • A properly and accurately filled up Good Conduct form issued by Bahrain
  • Two set of recent passport size photograph, properly taken i.e. without specs, sunglasses or a cap
  • Photocopy of the national identity card.
  • Fingerprint impressions in PCC application form