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Company Formation Services in Canada

What is the procedure for starting a business in Canada? Understand the most effective ways to register and set up your company in Canada taking assistance from us.

  • The team of Business Consultants would help you choose the right legal structure for your company in Canada
  • Our team of most experienced and talented professionals would assist you with company formation in Canada as per your business goals.
  • We accomplish required paperwork and crucial documentation on your behalf to complete the registration process, acquiring licenses and necessary approvals from the concerned government departments.

Get to know how you can complete the process of company formation, choosing us as your trusted Company Formation Service partner and the important services we offer.

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Canada attracts investments in various sectors and the government has set the norms for setting up your ventures in diversified areas in an investor friendly manner.  However, you need to understand the nature of businesses that are allowed in Canada and can be beneficial for you as per your business motives.The team of talented and committed professionals would assist the corporate clients to submit the applications and acquire the required licenses and approvals in Canada.

Company Formation Steps in Canada

Finding a Canadian Partner:

In Canada, there are stringent corporate norms to set-up a business and you would require expert advice at various stages of Canada company formation. We render complete support to let our clients understand the legal complications in the process and represent them throughout the process. We are the total solution providers for all your company formation needs, as our team of consultants and professionals would work closely with you to understand your needs and provide you with the advice at the right time. We will find the most appropriate partner or sponsor for your company in Canada as per the requirements with respect to the capital investment share, the role in operating the company smoothly and so on.

Initial Approval:

The process of initial approval is the incorporation of the company. We would avail the experienced Public Relation Officers for various procedures to be completed on your behalf such as:

  • Finding the unique corporate name for your company as per the regulations
  • Furnishing the important documents such as proof of address for the office, address of every director and shareholders
  • Valid NUANS report
  • Article of Incorporation along with additional provincial registrations as required
  • Submission of mark-maker embosser, share certificates & Corporate Minute Book
  • Approvals for GST, Payroll & Import/Export Licenses and so on.

Acquiring Visa for entrepreneurs and employees:

This is an important step as the Visa for the investors or entrepreneurs from abroad and their employees to take charge on different positions in the hierarchy would be most essential to initiate the business operations in Canada.

Acquiring Trade License:

In order to register a company, it is required to get the trade license from the concerned authorities. This would help you to commence your commercial operations in Canada as a legal entity.

Membership of Canadian Chamber of Commerce:

Affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce would be a requirement and a prestigious criterion for your business. While incorporating your company, the procedure for affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce would also be accomplished by us, filling up the application and coordinating with the concerned authorities furnishing the supporting documents.

Legal Structures of the Company in Canada

The decision regarding determining the most suited legal structure for the company would be very crucial. The experts from us would let you know the technicalities and legalities in terms of the difference between various forms of company and strike a balance between the corporate norms and your desired business model.

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Firm
  • General Partnership Firm
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Branch Office
  • Corporation
  • Joint Venture
  • Cooperatives
Sole Proprietorship:

The individual entrepreneurs can form this type of company being responsible for the activities and transactions. The registration of a company in this form leads to complete liability of the person for the profits, losses and obligations. Incorporating a company in this form would involve various perks and demerits as well.

Partnership Firm

Two or more parties can enter into an agreement to run a business utilizing their resources and investments in a mutually agreed manner and the company can be registered in various models of Partnership Forms in Canada such as:

General Partnership Firm:

Two or more partners can form such partnership firm entering into an agreement that are valid for five years, mentioning the roles and responsibilities and other details.

Limited Partnership:

General and Limited Partners (two or more) would come together to form this type of partnership firm; where the limited partner invests and may have a small role in managerial decisions; with liability limited to their investment. The general partners take care of the routine activities and their liability would be unlimited to the extent of their personal assets.

Limited Liability Partnership

Two or more partners can come together to run a business with liabilities to the extent of their personal contribution. This is the popular form of partnership in Canada and there are different rules and regulations for this legal structure in different provinces.

Branch Offices

In Canada, the foreign companies can establish their branch offices registering with the subsequent provinces that are chosen by them for their business operations. The parent company would be held responsible for all the business activities carried out by the branch office and a local agent is needed to be employed for managing the routine business activities. The branch offices can perform the permitted business activities in various provinces as well.


A corporation is considered as a legal entity in Canada and would enjoy the freedom of almost any business activity. The aspiring companies need to fulfil various requirements regarding the taxes, investments, management and shares and various other aspects. The corporations can be registered with the federal and provincial authorities with various merits and demerits.

Joint Venture

Two or more partners can come together to achieve a common objective and form this type of company though an agreement. These companies are required to follow the Act of Investment in Canada. The law in the country recognizes the legal agreements and there would not be any other legal formalities required for incorporation.


In Canada, several people can come together to form a cooperative for various common objectives such as manufacturing of products, rendering certain services, charity and so on. Four different types of cooperatives based on their motives are:

  • Consumer cooperative
  • Worker cooperative
  • Producer cooperative &
  • Multi-stakeholders

The cooperatives are operated in a democratic manner and the members have the rights to elect the managing bodies. The government has documented rules and regulations for the execution of a cooperative with respect to the profit distribution and management of the firm as well.

Important considerations for incorporating businesses in Canada:


The tax system in Canada has several complications based on the nature of business and the area of operation as well. The residents and non-residents in Canada are subject to 38% income tax on their gross income. A variety of businesses would be subject to different types of taxes in various provinces across Canada.

The procedure to get a visa:

In order to operate a business in Canada, the entrepreneurs need to acquire a business or investor visa; as any sorts of business activities would not be allowed to the individuals that possess a visitor visa. The regulations regarding visa might be different in different countries.

Approvals for imports:

Apart from the approvals and licenses to operate a business in Canada, the investors would require exclusive approvals if they are planning to import and export any goods to and from Canada. Additionally, there are norms regarding the products that are allowed to be imported or exported and various other limitations to the process of foreign trade through various modes of transportation.

Let us assist you with various concerns to take your business motives further:

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