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Oman Good Standing Certificate

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A PCC or Police Clearance Certificate in Oman certifies that the applicant has never taken part in any criminal activity that led to the involvement of National Police when the applicant lived in Oman. Police Clearance Certificate is also known as the Good Conduct Certificate. Individuals going to migrate from Oman to any other country need a Police Clearance Certificate from Oman. Before issuing the Good Conduct Certificate to the applicant, the police of Oman checks the behavioural record of the applicant to find whether there are any penal records against the applicant or not.

Police Clearance Certificate or PCC is issued only to the individuals who have never been involved in any kind of illegal activities. If the age of an applicant is above 18 years then the applicant is eligible for getting the Police Clearance Certificate easily. In the Police Clearance Certificate, the police of Oman give its assurance about the non-criminal background of the applicant within the country.

How to get the Oman PCC?

The government of Oman has not made it mandatory for the applicants to make a physical appearance for verification formalities. The documents required to obtain an Oman Police Clearance Certificate are mentioned below:

  • Passport copies (old & new) of all sealed pages with the residential permit.
  • A complete Good Conduct Certificate Oman form, along with three sets of passport size photographs with a blue background without spectacles and caps.
  • Oman Visa Copy or Copy of National Identity card (if applicable).
  • Request letter of PCC
  • First entry, Last entry and Last exit dates.