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PRO Services in Oman

Searching for the most trusted and reputed agency for PRO Services in Oman? Your search ends here, as we proudly offer a wide range of Public Relation Officer or Mandoob Services in Oman.

  • We assist the clients with documentation connected to immigration procedures, legalization and attestation of important documents and translation services in the official language.
  • With an extensive network of native professionals and strong interactive communication network with the government authorities in Oman, we assist the clients in attaining PRO motives conveniently.
  • Our clients can avail yearly PRO/Mandoob plans in Oman and enjoy the long-lasting association for all their PRO needs.

Let us understand the diversified PRO/Mandoob Services offered in Oman and their benefits to the clients.

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The Best PRO/Mandoob Service in Oman

If you are looking for the best Oman PRO Services, we would be proud to be associated with you as your preferred PRO partners, availing the treasure of a great variety of PRO Services.  Our team of experts would be happy to promptly bring together an array of PRO/Mandoob Services for the timely accomplishment of crucial documentation work related to local approvals from the municipality, immigration related work for you, your family and employees, embassy services concerned to the foreign affairs and so on. We possess a strong track record of attaining PRO goals for the expatriates and corporate giants since our establishment in 1998.

Our PRO/Mandoob Services are available for both individuals and companies.

Our PRO/Mandoob Services for expatriates in Oman

We offer Oman Mandoob Services for hassle-free documentation, enabling you to take your spouse, kids and other family members to stay with you in Oman. When you would be busy with your work, you can assign the PRO tasks to our team of experts and get the work done in minimum time at affordable charges.

Some of the major PRO or Mandoob Services we offer in Oman for expatriates:

  • Important services for immigration:
  • Getting a family visa or work visa or visit visa and its renewal,
  • Getting a visa for housemaids,
  • Getting a residential permit and its renewal,
  • Change in details of housemaid visa, etc.
  • Services for professional requirements:
  • Attestation of personal documents such as Birth Certificate & Marriage Certificate; professional documents such as educational degree
  • Health certificate from Medical Commission,
  • Fingerprinting,
  • Legal contracts,
  • Arabic translation services (in documents or at government center),
Our PRO/Mandoob Services in Oman for corporate clients:

At the various stages of your business, right from the formation process to acquiring licenses, approvals, registration and affiliation, you would require the expert PRO Services in Oman to ensure timely formation of your company and smoother business operations in Oman. Eventually, we look forward to a long-lasting association with our esteemed corporate clients and for added convenience and affordability, we avail discounted annual corporate plans.

Here are some major PRO or Mandoob Services in Oman to the corporate and any size of business entities:

  • PRO Services for Company Formation:
  • Document attestation for Company formation.
  • Registration of the Company or Product or Trademark.
  • Renewal of the documents (Commercial Documents or Municipal Documents, Chamber of Commerce subscription, etc.)
  • Typing, translating or attesting legal documents
  • Alterations in important company documents:
  • Making changes in the company’s official documents and its attestation.
  • Changes in the partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, etc.
  • Changing the name or increasing the capital amount
  • Services for Human Resource recruitment & immigration:
  • Hiring manpower for company
  • The Work Permit issue for the employees sponsored by the company
  • Making labour contract and its renewal
  • Traffic-related services like permission for the passing truck, parking license, car ownership transfer, etc.

Achieve your PRO motives by communicating with us

We serve as the one stop solution for a variety of PRO Services across various locations, especially in the Middle East Region. You can conveniently get additional information about our PRO Services leaving a message on the left, expressing your queries. Similarly, we are also accessible through various other alternate modes of communication for which, you can use the numbers given below. You can also get in touch with our representatives through WhatsApp using the given numbers.