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Hong Kong Police Clearance Certificate


In todays’ world, PCC Certification has played a crucial role in verifying the authenticity as well as identity of the person.  The advent of Hong Kong PCC has helped entrepreneurs, businessman to develop and harbor their business ambitions and aspirations into reality.

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 Hong Kong has emerged as one of the biggest destinations for seeking better avenues and opportunities in various field such as Information Technology (IT), Engineering Services, Manufacturing etc.

Some of the few benefits of availing PCC Certification in Hong Kong are as follows

  • The advent of PCC Certification plays a leading role in verifying the true identity of the person visiting the country.
  • It helps in creating a certain standard of recruitment in various firms and organizations.
  • The PCC Certification helps educated and qualified professionals in seeking better opportunities and avenues professionally.



  • Fully filled application form
  • Complete set of applicant’s fingerprint impressions
  • Photocopy of Hong Kong ID/ Registration Card
  • Letter stating the reason for availing Hong Kong
  • Attested copies of applicant’s passport
  • Documentary evidence of residential address of applicant