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Saudi Arabia Good Standing Certificate

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Saudi Arabia, a Sunni-Islamic country by religion, is situated in the western part of the Asia continent. Riyadh being the capital, this country is rich in many minerals, especially in crude oil. This gives a bright opportunity to the people across the globe for employment, business, and other professions or for any personal reason, for which every year, Saudi Arabia witnesses a good number of immigrants from different corners of the world for different purposes. People, who want to immigrate to Saudi Arabia for any purpose, need a valid Police Clearance Certificate issued by the Government of Saudi Arabia. People want to migrate to Saudi Arabia from any country can obtain the PCC from the officials of Saudi Arabian Embassy situated in their respective countries.

What is PCC?

PCC or Police Clearance Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate to a person is similar to a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Government of a country to work in or live in that particular country and is mandatory for many countries across the globe.  Police Clearance Certificate or PCC basically states the concerned person has no criminal record against him or her.

Who should apply for a Saudi Arabia PCC?

A migrant who wants to be hired by an organization of Saudi Arabia or to move with a view to do business activities or personal reasons must have to apply for a PCC from the Government of Saudi Arabia. Without this PCC, immigrants are NOT allowed to enter the country legally.

Who can have a Saudi Arabia PCC?

The first and foremost compulsory condition of a person to apply for Saudi Arabia PCC is he/ she should not have any record of criminal case filed against him/ her.

Documents to be submitted to get a Saudi Arabia PCC

In order to get the Good Conduct Certificate from Saudi Arabia Government, the following official papers or documents are needed to be submitted which are mandatory both for immigrants as well as for citizens:

  1. The copy of all relevant sealed pages of passport with the first entry and last exit date.
  2. Copy of Saudi Iqama (or Iqama number) or of the ID card of the applicant (if it is at all applicable) or the copy of your Visa.
  3. Four copies of recent passport sized photographs.
  4. A Good Conduct Certificate Saudi form that’s been completely filled by the applicant.
  5. PCC Authorization & Undertaking form