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Police Clearance / Good Standing Certificate

Looking for a Police Clearance Certificate? You are at the right place, for your Police Clearance from many countries. Helpline Group’s extensive network and expertise help you to acquire your PCC in time.

  • Assists you to acquire Good Conduct Certificate from different countries
  • The experienced professionals help you to fill and file any additional paperwork
  • The reliable name for trustworthy and economic Police Clearance Services.

Let us understand the procedures to get the Police Clearance from your native country or any other foreign countries you might have stayed in. You can always seek our expert advice from us, leaving a message, and our customer service team would get back to you shortly.

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PCC Services in

the Middle East

We are serving the clients in the Middle East Region for acquiring their Police Clearance from various countries. Through the span of 25 years, we have earned the best reputation among the clientele. So, as a client, you can expect speedy service at affordable prices, abiding by the regulations of the Police Department in the subsequent countries. Get your Police Clearance Certificate application most professionally, and get the clearance well in time.

Most trustworthy PROs and agents

Get your PCC well in time

A wide array of services availed throughout the Middle East

All the embassy requirements fulfilled through a single service provider


Prompt processing of end-to-end services


Considerable saving of your valuable time, finances and efforts


Expert Advice & Support for various individual and business matters


Completely genuine, trustworthy and honest services

With an experience of around 25 years, we have pioneered the procedures and local laws in different countries to acquire the PCC from the respective Police Department. This is a crucial document that proves that our clients are clean and don’t possess any criminal history.

An extensive network of offices and associates are possessed throughout the Middle East, other parts of Asia, Europe, USA & Canada as well. It is vital to work to get the Embassy Services, Immigration Services and PRO Services including the Police Clearance Certificate in time.

You can avail the Police Clearance Certificate Services from the Helpline Group from the following countries.










South Africa


Hong Kong




Antigua and Barbuda

St. Vincent




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